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?????????? (New Products)

Discrete Analyzer - Automation of basic colorimetric parameters
The BluVisionTM discrete analyzer, for the analysis of basic colorimetric parameters.
Last Update : 07/02/2019
?60 MHz Bench Top NMR
The Spinsolve 60 spectrometer provides high quality 1H and 19F NMR spectra in seconds, right where it is needed - at your laboratory bench.
Last Update : 06/02/2019
6 Channels Automated SPE
Fotector Plus in the case of unattended, automatic continuous processing 48 or more samples, the whole process does not require any human intervention
Last Update : 04/02/2019
TLC Plate Reader
PlatesPlate ExpressTM provides a simple, automated means of obtaining mass spectra directly from TLC plates, creating a technique known as TLC/CMS.
Last Update : 01/02/2019

??????????? (Recommend Products)

Last Update : 31/01/2019
A low-cost, easy-to-use, accurate, and precise solution to identify the addition of C4 sugars (adulteration), based on the carbon isotopic (δ13C) composition of the coconut water.
Last Update : 30/01/2019

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